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    Kannonzaki Lighthouse in Miura Peninsula, Yokosuka

    Though I work in Yokosuka, I (consciously) try to spend as little time there as possible. For me, it's not only too close to the workplace, but it's also a bit too rural for me. However, I decided to stop down there one weekend to check out something I found to be very cool... Kannonzaki Lighthouse.

    My SO and I have always really enjoyed lighthouses. And after we missed our chance to go to Imazu lighthouse, one of the oldest wooden lighthouses still standing in Japan, when we were living in Nishinomiya, we really wanted to check Kannonzaki out.

    Bus to Kannonzaki from Yokosukachuo

    But unfortunately, because this is Yokosuka we're talking about, there's no way that it would be close. Actually, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't that far away... It just felt like it because we decided to go early.

    First, we headed to Yokosuka Chuo station on the Keikyu Line. From there, we took the bus to the end of the line down to Kannonzaki. The bus wasn't too crowded at Chuo, but once we headed farther down the line, it started to get pretty full. Good thing we were able to get a seat!

    Beach at Kannonzaki lighthouse
    Arriving at the bus stop, you're greeted with the shore. The ride down is actually really beautiful because the road goes down along the winding coastline. Unfortunately, the beach itself wasn't picture perfect (and I don't think I'd want to go swimming there even if I could...) there were plenty of kids playing and fishing with their families.

    Map of Kannonzaki lighthouse

    There's a map nearby (and there's a bunch of them all over in case you need to orient yourself). There's also a restaurant / information center right next to the bus stop where you can pick up a map (and get a free sticker) if you like. I opted to just kind of wander around rather than rely on a map.

    Cave at Kannonzaki lighthouse

    What's fun about wandering is that you can stumble across cool spots like this cave above. This was actually really close to where the bus dropped us off, so it's not too hard to find. I'm not sure exactly what this is supposed to be, but it looked cool and creepy! Unfortunately, my exposure settings were a bit messed up so this picture is a bit off... Oh well, I'm still new to photography!

    View from Kannonzaki lighthouse

    Wandering is nice, but I wanted to make sure that I got to the lighthouse before the weather turned bad! So I checked a map and headed straight there. There was a small fee for entering, but the ticket grants you access the entire day, so if you want to leave and come back, you're more than welcome to!

    View from Kannonzaki lighthouse

    I took a peek through these binoculars to try and find my school, but it was a no go.

    Kannonzaki lighthouse

    Kannonzaki lighthouse

    Here's a view of the (famous) Kannonzaki Lighthouse from the ground. Check out those looming storm clouds... I'm glad that I got to see it when the weather was still nice. (Which it did. Believe it or not, it actually started snowing...)

    View from Kannonzaki lighthouse

    Hamayu flowers in Yokosuka

    There's a lot of nature around, too. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure these are Hamayu flowers, which are native to Yokosuka specifically.

    Stray cat at Kannonzaki

    Stray cat at Kannonzaki

    I also got to see quite a few kitties which always makes my day better. They were strays, but they were really friendly. They were fine with being pet and everything (though I did use a lot of hand sanitizer afterwards).

    Statues for those lost at sea at Kannonzaki Lighthouse

    Park at Kannonzaki Lighthouse

    Further exploration led us to this area. Actually, I found out it's a monument dedicated those who were lost at sea... Or, that's what I read at least. It's pretty peaceful there, too. We actually ended up picnicking nearby, though the circling hawks made me kind of nervous while eating.

    Bus to Kannonzaki Lighthouse and Yokosuka Chuo station
    The weather was getting pretty bad, so we decided to cut our trip short and head back. The bus stop heading back to Yokosuka Chuo is near the drop off point and the bus comes a few times an hour. 

    I really enjoyed the lighthouse and I was pretty sad that we had to leave before the day was done. I'm sure it would've been beautiful at sunset. When this summer heat dies down a bit, I'll definitely be back for round two.

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