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    "Kill Bill Restaurant" Gonpachi in Nishiazabu

    My mom came to visit me again in March. Because she had already visited me last year and we had already went around Tokyo after I graduated, I was struggling to find things to do with her that we hadn't done before. We had already done all of the typical Tokyo tourist stuff, so I tried to find new things.

    I threw around the idea of themed restaurants, but a lot of them seemed kind of gimmicky. (Though I suppose that's the whole point of a themed restaurant.) In the end, I couldn't find one that I thought she would enjoy... Until I saw the "Kill Bill restaurant". My mom is a huge Kill Bill fan, so I knew it was the right choice. Plus it wasn't too gimmicky, which was a plus!

    I found the easiest way to get there (at least from Yokohama Station) was to take the train to Shibuya Station. Then, from Shibuya, I'd take the bus to Nishiazabu. I have never taken the bus in Tokyo before, but it ran the same way as in Yokohama, thankfully. The bus stop wasn't where I thought it was, though, and it ended up being on the opposite side... Thankfully there was a bus guide with a map of all the stops!

    I ended up making a reservation because I heard it gets pretty crowded. But, because I went during lunch time (it was cheaper haha) less than an hour after opening, it wasn't crowded at all. Though, it's easy enough to make a reservation online, so I'd recommend doing it anyway.

    We decided to get the set course menu, rather than order ala carte. My mom decided to get the more expensive course (it had a few extra entrees) and I got the lunch course. I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were, especially since this restaurant was where the prime minister takes guests of honor.

    I took pictures of a majority of the items. I may have forgotten one or two, so I apologize if the dish you really wanted to peep is missing.

    House salad


    Shrimp dumplings with chili sauce

    Grilled meat skewers

    Grilled fish (standard course)

    Grilled fish


    Overall, the food was pretty good. It was honestly better than I expected it would be, but my standards were pretty low. I thought its claim to fame was Kill Bill, not the food, but even without that reputation, it would be a pretty good restaurant.

    After eating, we decided to walk around and try to spot similarities to the movie. When we were sitting, we thought that we could see the staircase, but it was a bit hard to tell, to be honest.

    A view from the top area (where the bathrooms are)

    After commenting and trying to figure out how this tiny area accommodated such a big scene, we found out the truth. In the end, we found out that the restaurant wasn't actually the same one that was in the Kill Bill movie. Instead, Gonpachi just served as set inspiration. They didn't actually do any filming or any of the sort there!

    There is more seating up top
    However, I still think that Gonpachi would be a good place to take a visiting relative looking for a more laid back Japanese restaurant. The food was good and reasonably priced (at least for lunch) and the interior really is beautiful. I can see how it would be really inspirational!

    Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu / 権八 西麻布
    1-13-11, Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo / 港区西麻布1 丁目13−11

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