• Tuesday, May 9, 2017

    Elementary School Lunch (Kyuushoku) in March

    Can you believe I finished my year? I'm still in shock. Despite some of the problems I've had, I've really enjoyed my time working here. Onto the last edition of my monthly school lunches for March.

    I think that, if you have the opportunity, you should opt into eating school lunches. Not only does it allow you to eat things you may not normally eat, but it also strengthens your relationship with the school. A lot of the meals I ate at school used ingredients I didn't normally cook with. And, sometimes I enjoyed the new dishes so much that I ended up looking up a recipe online and incorporating it into my dinner menu. Eating with your teachers and students is a good way to get to know them. Even though it may be difficult or awkward at first if there is a language barrier, it's good to put in the effort.

    When I worked at my old school and didn't get an opportunity to eat school lunch, I remember being really jealous. It was hard to bring hot lunches (there was no microwave) and in winter, eating a cold meal wasn't fun... Plus, I would occasionally forget to make lunch the night before and rush to buy lunch in the morning which was a pain. I highly recommend taking the opportunity if you can!

    Japanese Elementary school lunch
    Beansprout and cucumber salad, potatoes and chicken, curry noodles, and strawberry joa (drinkable yogurt)

    Japanese Elementary school lunch
    Corn, beansprout, and cucumber salad, bread, and bowtie pasta with meat sauce

    Japanese Elementary school lunch
    Seaweed soup, Chinese tofu, and rice

    Japanese Elementary school lunch
    Curry udon, peach yogurt, and sweetened chikuwa and sweet potato

    Japanese Elementary school lunch
    Seaweed and beansprout salad, Chinese vegetables and meat, and rice (I remember this main dish made my throat burn!)

    Japanese Elementary school lunch
    Salty cucumbers, corn, and beansprots, and pasta with tuna-cream sauce

    Japanese Elementary school lunch
    Seaweed salad, niku jaga, and bread 

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