• Monday, April 3, 2017

    School Tour: Elementary School Library

    I actually don't spend much time in the library at either of my schools. Honestly, I don't spend much time in any room other than my English room and the teacher's room, if I'm being honest. But, for the sake of blogging and being as in depth as I can be, I figured I'd post photos of he library!

    Now, pictured here is the library for my Friday school. If you didn't know, my Friday school is a small special needs school. And when I say small, I mean small... Like, the entire student body (from preschool to high school) is only 26 students. Needless to say, that probably means that this library is smaller than a standard school's library.

    Japanese elementary school library interior

    However, I think conceptually it works the same. In fact, it's similar to any school library or public library that you've experienced. Students can browse through the books, and when they find one they like, they get a teacher. The teacher will sign off on it and watch them write their name on a library card.

    I'm not sure about the rules like how many they can borrow at once, or how long they can borrow the for. My elementary school in the US had an electronic system for borrowing, but this is a more antiquated system.

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