• Saturday, April 1, 2017

    Interac Contract Renewal Timeline (2016-2017)

    I know that I've already posted about my Interac timeline for 2015-2016, from getting hired to training... So you may be wondering what this post is about.

    Without getting into the details, I transferred branches at the end of my contract with Interac Kansai. There's an entire story that goes along with this that I keep alluding to, and I swear that I will spill the beans in good time. (I'm still a bit salty about it even a year later, so I'm trying to cool off a bit so I can give a more level-headed and objective version of the events.)

    In Kansai
    3/2/16: Got word that there is no space for me in Kansai branch (note the time between the end of my contract and me getting this information)
    3/4/16: Contacted by Interac Kanto South Branch
    3/5/16: Accepted Kanto South's offer
    3/10/16: Received my contract and placement via email
    3/10/16: Asked Interac Kanto to help me find housing
    3/12/16: Secured a housing location3/16/16: Received my placement via email
    3/19/16: My contract with Interac Kansai ended

    In Kanto
    3/26/16: Stopped by the office to pay the housing deposit and pick up the keys
    3/6/16: Training schedule received
    3/29/16: Entire year schedule received
    4/4/16 - 4/8/16: Training in Yokohama
    4/1/16: Preliminary meetings with my main school
    4/4/16: Preliminary meetings with my second school
    4/11/16: My first day

    I'm currently waiting for my next contract to be handed out for the 2017-2018 school year. As you can tell by these short wait times, Interac Kanto is a lot more organized than my former branch was...

    Okay, maybe I'm still really salty about everything.

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