• Thursday, April 6, 2017

    Cosmo World Amusement Park in Minato Mirai, Yokohama

    For Valentine's Day, I planned an outing to Kannonzaki Lighthouse. In return, and as an early White Day adventure, my SO took me to Cosmo World. I've been begging to go since we moved to Yokohama, but we always found something more important to do on the weekends... Then it got too cold... But I was determined to go!

    Cosmo World from a distance

    Luckily, the random weekend we choose was perfect. It had been extremely windy a few days ago, but it miraculously stopped by the weekend. The sun was out, which was another shocker, and the temperature was in the mid-50s! Didn't I say it was perfect?

    For some reason it looks like I have eyeshadow on only one eye... I think it's just my bangs in a weird position though!

    I don't normally do OOTDs, but I wanted to show off some of the purchases I had talked about in one of my previous posts about Watt Mann's Super Recycle Shop. Apart from my tights, this entire outfit is thrifted: the jacket was 200 yen from Watt Mann's, the shirt was 50 yen from Watt Mann's, and the skirt was 700 yen from Second Street in Shimokitazawa. The tights were a purchase from the end of the season last year, when I snagged a two pack from GU for only 300 yen. So in total, my outfit cost only 1,100 yen! I'm pretty proud of myself.

    Outside Cosmo World Yokohama
    A view from across the street of Cosmo World
    We ended up taking the bus from the house because I wanted to play Pokemon Go. It dropped us off a few blocks away, so we decided to walk through World Porters instead of on the street because the buildings shadows made it a bit chilly after all... But it puts you right at the entrance for Cosmo World so it worked out perfectly.

    Cosmo World ticket counter
    Ticket counter - you can also buy tickets at some of the rides instead
    It's free to enter the park, no admission tickets or wristbands needed. You buy the tickets for each ride individually, so you can come in and scope out what looks good to you. Thankfully, it wasn't really crowded when we went so there were no lines for the ticket booths, and most of the rides were almost empty!

    Cosmo World ticket counter

    Here's a better view of some of the prices. Sorry about the weird "filter". It turns out my lens was super dirty and I had to wipe away a good amount of fingerprints.

    Tickets to Cosmo World ferris wheel 21
    Tickets for the Ferris wheel!
    Let me just make it very clear that I am terrified of heights. I wanted to go on the roller coaster because it didn't look that high... But my SO wanted to go on the Ferris wheel. (I think the official name is the Cosmo Clock 21 or something like that?) I relented because it was pretty iconic of Minato Mirai and it was only 800 yen.

    Clear ferris wheel car at cosmo world

    So of course he decides we should go on the all-glass one (even the floor is see through). The line is non-existent for the standard cars, and really short for the see through ones. Going up, we had seen signs marking 40 minute waits and hour waits for the clear cars, so we decided we may as well wait for the clear one. In the end, it only took about 20 minutes to come.

    Cosmo World roller coaster
    The roller coaster looks like it goes into the water! Super cool
    We got a gorgeous view of the entirety of Yokohama. I snapped a picture of the roller coaster I wanted to ride. What makes it so cool is that it plunges into the water for a little bit! I was too scared for the rest of the time, though, and spent a majority of the ride with a death grip on the metal bars inside.

    Regardless, I recommend riding the clear one. It was a lot of fun, and I kind of regret closing my eyes for a majority of the ride. One loop around was about 20 minutes, so I think it was worth it. I don't know how I would've fared on a windy day, though...

    Arcade in Cosmo World
    After exiting the Ferris wheel, we were funneled into another building that housed the arcade. I wanted to play a few games and both of us ended up dropping almost 5,000 yen there... We came back empty handed. I noticed that no one had any prizes with them, which is always a bad sign at an arcade. There should be at least 1-2 success stories, but I was blinded by what a good time I was having.

    Arcade in Cosmo World

    In the end, I didn't get to ride the roller coaster... I guess I'll just go again by myself. We ended up going back to World Porters because I was hungry and wanted to try the seasonal Starbucks Sakura drinks. (We ended up also getting the Mexican buffet in World Porters!) Turns out there's a small food court in Cosmo World, but I guess that's for another day as well.

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