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    Thrifting in Japan: Clap Hands in Yokohama

    Thrift store sweaters in Japan

    After my jaunt to Cosmo World, I decided to take a walk around and check out World Porters for lunch. Since I wasn't super hungry, I decided to take a walk through the different floors. I go to World Porters pretty often (Hawaiian Town!) so I'm familiar with a good number of the shops inside. However, I had never noticed (or maybe I noticed it, but I didn't pay any attention to it) a store called Clap Hands.

    From the outside, it looked like one of those overpriced boho chic store that were so popular a few years back. Normally, that's not really my style so I can see why I had probably passed by this place before. But this time there were 50% off and 75% off everywhere, so of course I decided to stop in.

    Sales Prices at Thrift Store in Japan
    Convenient sale price chart!

    Honestly, though, it wasn't until a few minutes in the store that I realized it was actually a second hand store. A lot of their items seemed to be specifically sourced from thrift stores and resold for a higher cost. And then I looked closer and realized that they only sold American brands... They had sourced all of this from the US!

    US shirts in Japan thrift store
    So many state university and convention shirts! 
    Then I got kind of bummed looking at the price tags, because I know what prices these clothes are going for back in the States! The regular T-shirts above were regular price 1,000 yen, but 30% off with the sale. Those would be like $2 tops regularly!

    Clothes at Japanese thrift store
    Racks and racks of clothes! (Most of it on sale)
    However, apart from the shirts, I appreciated the curated collection that I saw. A lot of the items were expertly sourced and selected. Again, I do think a lot of it was kind of overpriced, but with the sale prices, it kind of evened out.

    Dooney and Bourke handbags at Japanese thrift store
    I was eyeing those Dooney and Bourke bags! Especially if they were on sale. This was pretty much the extent of their "brand" section, though, which I appreciated. I don't necessarily go to thrift stores to buy branded goods. I'm on the hunt for vintage and unique pieces.

    Dooney and Bourke handbag at Japanese thrift store
    In particular, I was looking to buy this handbag. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, I saw that the tag said that it was excluded from sales! And while I loved it, 6,900 yen was just a bit too much for me to pay. (My 457,000 yen credit card bill this month definitely says so.)

    However, I really loved it. The size, the style, everything about it was perfect! But I knew it was overpriced, so I checked out eBay and found one in slightly better condition for $21 plus $7.50 shipping. Thankfully my mom is coming to visit me next month, so I shipped it to her and hopefully she can bring it up for me!

    Men's section thrift store
    In a rare turn of events, Clap Hands actually had a sizable men's section! I would say that it was the same size as the women's section, if not larger. My boyfriend said that they had really good stuff there, and he actually bought two sale button down shirts for about 1,500 yen each.

    Belts and accessories in Japanese thrift shop

    In addition to clothes, there were a few accessories... For men at least. I didn't really see anything for women besides a small glass case of costume jewelry. Nothing I was interested in!

    Men's section inJapanese thrift shop

    Clap Hands Yokohama World Porters
    2 Chome-2-1 Shinko, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 

    古着屋 CLAP HANDS 横浜ワールドポーターズ

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