• Monday, January 9, 2017

    Happy New Year!

    Hello everyone!

    I know I'm about 2 weeks too late, but I felt it would be bad luck not to post some sort of New Year's greeting. (Especially being in Japan, where it has a huge cultural significance!)

    My resolutions include updating more often--I have a bunch of posts in queue that just need pictures added to them. Unfortunately, my Lightroom program isn't working properly and I can't figure out how to import images anymore! When I have time to troubleshoot that, I will... For now, the pictures just won't have watermarks I guess. (Or does anyone know an easy way to batch add watermarks to images?)

    My other resolution is to make more vlogs! I know I've been slacking in that category, but I haven't had any real inspiration in a while. But with a new year comes a new outlook, and I'm hoping that posting more will spark the same feelings that it used to!

    So, I leave you with a Happy New Year! And the goals I hope to get accomplished in 2017:

    • Go to the Sapporo Snow Festival
    • Climb Mt. Fuji
    • Travel to two new countries
    • Go to Okinawa
    Let's see what this year has in store for Hello Nihon!

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