• Thursday, January 19, 2017

    Elementary School Lunch (Kyuushoku) in October

    It's that time of the month again... Now that October is over, I have a compilation of October's school lunches. If you didn't notice, we also got trays this month! My Friday school already has trays, and it looks like my main school is following suite.

    So, I teach at two different schools. One is strictly an elementary school, and one is a much smaller specialty school that has elementary, middle school, and high school students in the same buildings. The posts I make are from my elementary-only school.

    Both schools are under the same Board of Education, but in different "blocks", so they get the same school lunches, just on different days. This means that I'll usually eat the same thing two times a week. It's interesting to see the different takes each school cafeteria has on the dishes. I won't comment on which school has a better cook, though!

    Cucumber salad, chicken and quail eggs, and rice with carrots and mushrooms

    Chicken karaage (fried chicken), sesame salad, and rice with bamboo shoots

    Chili chicken with onions, raisin bread, and seaweed soup

    Seaweed tofu soup, mustard cabbage salad, yaki salmon, and rice

    Niku jaga (meat and potatoes), twist bread, and vegetable soup

    Tuna cream sauce with mushrooms, coleslaw, and a sweet potato tart (so yummy!)

    Bread and seaweed soup

    Rice, noodles with bamboo, and seaweed cabbage salad

    Rice, pickled cucumbers, and fish cake, konnyaku, chicken, potato stir fry

    Sesame salad, sardine, rice, and miso soup

    Rice with tofu and carrots, white fish, and soy sauce sesame salad

    Fruit yogurt, yakisoba, and nori (seaweed) potatoes

    Chicken, rice with egg, and spring salad

    Raisin bread, gratin, and seaweed pork soup

    Check out the other months!

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