• Thursday, December 1, 2016

    Elementary School Lunch (Kyuushoku) in September

    Here's September's school lunch menu! Things are starting to get a little bit different, thankfully!

    The end of summer vacation and the start of the second semester signals a change in the kyuushoku menu. For the most part, the meals are somewhat seasonal and use only fruits and vegetables that are in season. A lot of the time, students will ask for a certain dish, only to be told that "that's not a summer dish" etc. For the most part, I haven't really been able to tell the difference yet! There have even been some repeats!

    Dry curry, white bread (they gave me 2 pieces hehe), and mixed fruit salad.

    Salmon in shoyu, spinach salad, and miso soup.

    Orange chicken, white rice with furikake, and spinach/cabbage salad.

    Quail eggs, seaweed salad, and chicken rice.

    Boiled plum-flavored chicken, cucumber cabbage salad, and seaweed rice.

    Raisin bread, corn chowder, and vegetables with rice noodles.

    "Jambalaya" (they told me jambalaya was Spanish food...) and salad in vinegar dressing. 

    Cooked potatoes/carrots, salad, and white rice.

    Go-moku sauce over crispy noodles and sweet beans.

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