• Thursday, November 3, 2016

    Ramen Review - Cup Noodle Premium "Shark Fin" Flavor

    Did you know my first Japan blog was actually started in 2012? I was so amazed by the plethora of flavors and brands available that I decided to start a ramen blog where I chronicled all of the different flavors I ate and my opinions on them. (Un)fortunately, the blog is now deleted and I gave up on the endeavor pretty quickly. I soon realized that buying ramen daily when I was paying for school lunch didn't make sense financially.

    Even still, I take note of different ramen flavors. Cup Noodle has been experimenting with premium flavors. I saw them on the shelves a few months ago, but always put off buying them. Then, one day, they simply disappeared. I was so sad because I wanted to try the fancier flavors. Luckily for me, they reappeared at the beginning of the month. Needless to say, I grabbed one of the shark fin flavored cups to try for myself. And, in the spirit of my old ramen blog, I decided to do a review on it!

    Before I say anything else can we agree that the packaging is gorgeous? I'm a sucker for good packaging, and that more than the flavor is what initially attracted me to the product.
    Fancy liquid packet in addition to the dehydrated stuff!
    Unfortunately, opening it up, it wasn't so pretty. It also didn't smell very good either. I was actually considering not eating it and giving it to Marcus instead, but I decided to stick it through. And I'm definitely glad that I did!
    Looks like dehydrated ground beef...

    Cup Man helping me out with the review
    The lumps are pretty gross, to be honest. After pouring hot water into the cup, it kind of just turned into this brown sludge. I still didn't have high hopes at this point. The smell got better after adding water. I think the smell originally came from the concentrated amounts of oyster sauce and Chinese flavorings.

    Yum, delicious sewer water flavored Cup Noodle...

    After waiting for the noodles to cook and mixing everything together, I was pleased to say that it was looking good! The same gelatinous look and feel of the broth imitated shark fin soup perfectly. And all the flavors melded together perfectly to create an amazing product. My only complaint is that it's a little salty. But it's a cup of instant noodles, so I really don't know why I expected otherwise.

    Looks more or less normal!

    Final Verdict:

    LOOKS: 4

    FLAVOR: 4

    OVERALL: 4

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