• Tuesday, November 8, 2016

    Elementary School Lunch (Kyuushoku) in June

    Here's June's edition of my school lunches! I'm slowly working on the backlog! Please forgive me!

    If you haven't noticed, I don't drink the milk that's provided with the school lunch. Luckily, my school isn't too strict about what I have to eat. In fact, I see some other teachers mixing the milk into the coffees they bring to lunch, etc. I have a pack of furikake in my desk that I add to the rice sometimes (I'll designate if I've added anything). Obviously, your situation may differ depending on your school. In fact, you may not even have school lunches at your school! (I know of one case like this.) Or, you may not be allowed to eat the school lunch. (As was the case in my last Board of Education...)

    Gratin, lettuce and corn salad, and a roll.

    Rice, fried fish in vinegar sauce, and bean sprout salad.

    Rice, meat, potato, and konnyaku mix, and salad.

    Seaweed cabbage soup, chicken, a slice of watermelon, and bread.

    Fried fish, rice and vegetables, and seaweed salad.

    "Ramen", grape jelly, and potato and fried fish nuggets.

    Raisin bread, salad with sesame dressing, and pumpkin stew.

    Fried pregnant fish, seaweed and cabbage salad, and rice with carrots and gobo.

    Chicken soup, bread, and cucumbers/corn/bean sprout salad.

    Seafood curry, rice with seaweed, and sesame salad.

    Cabbage salad with vinegar dressing, and chicken fried rice.

    Rice noodle salad, bread with marmalade, and tomato stew.

    Fried salmon, cucumber/cabbage/carrot salad, and chicken rice with vegetables.

    Chinese-style vegetable and meat, spinach salad, and white rice.


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