• Saturday, October 29, 2016

    My October Halloween English Board

    Depending on your school and how much freedom they give you, you may get your own English board. Before I started as an ALT, I remember looking at other ALTs' English boards and thinking how cool it was. At my last school, I had zero creative control with anything, so I didn't have an English board or an English room, or anything whatsoever, so all that preparation was for nothing.

    At  my current school, my English board isn't located in a stairwell or any other well-traveled location in the school. Instead, it's outside of the English room, so students generally only see it when they're lining up outside before or after class. In my entire first semester, I only changed the board once. (My original board was a self-introduction about myself. I wish I got pictures of it!) My goal for second semester is to change it more often... but it's actually a lot of hard work!

    Here are some detailed pictures of my English board. This month is October, so I decided to go with a Halloween theme. Since a majority of the students I teach are lower-leveled, I choose to gear my boards towards the younger grades, using easy English as well as Japanese translations. This month's board was interactive because it gave students the opportunity to count how many~ appeared on the board.

     Generally, I don't feel good about putting Japanese on the boards, but the younger kids really don't understand unless I do...

    I ran out of ideas, so I just put the "Happy Halloween" floating in the sky

    I almost didn't give the ghost in the window any eyes, but I felt that would be *too* hard

    I can't believe October is almost over! That means an entirely new board that I have to make! Hahaha...


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