• Monday, October 24, 2016

    Elementary School Lunch (Kyuushoku) in April/May

    Researching teaching in Japan, I heard horror stories about some of the school lunch combinations ALTs are served. Now that I'm a teacher, I decided to contribute and share some of the school lunches I eat on a daily basis. Luckily, I haven't had any combinations that have made me question the entire system... But that's not to say that some days are less appetizing than others!

    This will be a monthly roundup of all the lunches I ate at my elementary school during the previous month. I'll try to include a description of the dish (if I can remember what was in it) because sometimes it's a bit hard to tell. I hope you enjoy this bit of insight on school lunches in Japan!

    Chicken karaage, spaghetti, cabbage and bean sprout salad, and grape jelly.

    Mayo salmon, veggie rice, and cabbage soup. 

    Meat, vegetable, and chikuwa mix, rice and furikake, and miso soup.

    Bread with pear jam, chicken and rice noodle salad, and cucumbers.

    Chikuwa and sweet potato, and curry udon.

    Chicken and noodle soup, cabbage salad, a roll, and Japanese-lime jelly.

    Pregnant fish, rice with peas, and seaweed salad.

    Vegetable soup, mapo tofu, and rice.

    Fruit salad mix, cabbage and cucumber salad, white bread, and strawberry jam.

    Fruit yogurt, and go-moku fried yakisoba.

    Chicken and konnyaku, cabbage and cucumber salad, and fried rice.

    Seaweed salad, cabbage and cucumber salad, and fried fish with sauce over rice.

    "Tiger bean" chicken soup with bread and cabbage salad.

    Fish cooked in sauce, seaweed salad, and bamboo shoot rice.

    Rice, seaweed salad, and potato/carrot/gobo/fish patty mix.

    Vinegar-cabbage salad, mayonnaise fish, and chicken fried rice.


    Check out the other months!

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