• Sunday, July 3, 2016

    Best Fish & Chips in Kansai: Seafood Caravan 10 Nishinomiya

    On my weekend walks, I'd always pass Seafood Caravan 10. While I've never been a huge fan of fish and chips, the restaurant's appeal still got to me. I caved one afternoon and treated myself, and all I can say is that I wasn't disappointed. Perhaps I was never a fan of fish and chips because I never had a proper plate of them... But now I'm a believer.

    Seafood Caravan 10 Fish and Chips Exterior Nishinomiya

    The Look 

    Its exterior is quaint and charming. I think this is what initially attracted me. During the warm summer months, they set up picnic tables outside if you choose outdoor dining. Otherwise, there are a few small tables and chairs inside. I can see that they're trying to go for a rustic interior, of something reminiscent of the docks. They have bright blue painted oil drums, complete with "SEAFOOD CARAVAN 10" hastily stenciled on with spray paint and stickers of the IPA beer selection they offer. They also have their GPS coordinates (I'm assuming) in various locations around the interior, adding to the seafaring theme.

    The Food 

    I can definitely see why this place was voted best fish and chips in the Osaka metropolitan area. The thing I usually hate about the fried fish is how much oil there is, and how it tastes more like (reused) oil than actual fish. Here, the batter was light and crispy, and didn't absorb much of the (fresh) oil.

    They have two different selections for fries: shoestring and wedge cut. I opted for wedge, and regretted it once I tasted the shoestring fries. You can also choose the seasoning on your fries. I recommend their herb.

    Fish burger and herb fries at Seafood Caravan 10 Nishinomiya
    Those herb fries! Look how delicious they look!

    Portion size was pretty good for the price, especially considering that I went during lunch and had the half portion. I would've preferred more fries, but that's the way I am with every place I go. The fish and chips included 3 pieces of fish. The fish burger was slightly smaller than a standard hamburger, but tasted much, much better.

    Fish and Chips (potato wedges) with a jar of soda
    You can take a cold soda and jar from the fridge, fill it with ice, and pour it at your leisure

    The Location 

    Their location is extremely convenient, situated between the JR station and the Hanshin Nishinomiya station. It's on a main road, and there are a bunch of signs so it's almost impossible to miss!

    4-24 Ikedacho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture 662-0911 

    Final Thoughts 

    Cost: 3/5
    Taste: 3.5/5
    Overall: 3/5

    If you're looking to try something new in Nishinomiya, or looking for what to do there, check this place out! The food is good for the price, the alcohol prices are even better during happy hour, and it's a nice break from eating Japanese food every day!

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