• Saturday, June 11, 2016

    My Japan Bucket List

    I think it's so important for everyone to have a bucket list of some kind. For me, it really inspires me and keeps me focused on my life outside of work. Sometimes, I get so caught up in what I do that I forget to have fun. I try to always do something every weekend, whether it's just exploring more of the city I live in, or the station I live by, because I know I'm never going to have this opportunity again. As cheesy as it sounds, I'm trying really hard not to take any part of my time in Japan for granted.

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    And that's where my Japan bucket list comes in. A lot of these things aren't necessarily activities I can fit into one weekend, but rather require a three-day weekend at minimum, but it's always here to remind me to always keep exploring. I try to update this list as much as I can whenever I see something new and cool that sounds interesting. If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know and I'll check it out!

    A list of things I want to do, see, or learn more about while in Japan:
    (For personal reference primarily, but feel free to use any of these things as inspiration for your own adventures in Japan!)
    • See Japanese Pro Wrestling
    • See a sumo wrestling match
    • Go to Okunoshima (Rabbit Island)
    • Go to the Sapporo Snow Festival in February
    • Go to Miyajima
    • Go camping Japan
    • Travel around Asia
      • Korea
      • Thailand
      • Taiwan
      • Singapore
      • Hong Kong
      • Cambodia
      • Vietnam
    • Go to Nekojima
    • Go to Gunkanjima
    • Go to the Fox Village
    • Climb Mt. Fuji
    • Ride Japan's "Cycling Road"
    • Go to Okinawa

    Updated July 2017

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