• Monday, May 9, 2016

    JET Program Timeline (2013 and 2014)

    Hello everyone! I figured that, since I put my Interac timeline up, I may as well do the same with my JET Program timeline. I hope someone finds this helpful! (Please, please let me know if you do in the comments! It'll give me some motivation to continue writing and providing soon-to-be-ALTs with any information I can.)

    So, a little bit of background if you don't already know my story: I applied for JET twice. Once in New York and once in DC. I was accepted into the program both times, and I turned it down both times. (Why would you do that? I can already hear you asking. But that's a story for a different blog post.) Because of this, though, I can only provide a small portion of the timeline.

    And, because I applied at two different consulates, I can't really compare the slight yearly differences. Use this information as you may!

    Round One (2013-2014 Application Year)
    11/16/13: Submitted online application
    1/23/14: Notified of my interview time/date
    2/21/14: Interviewed at the NYC consulate
    4/1/14: Shortlisted!!!

    Round Two (2014-2015 Application Year)

    11/12/14: Submitted online application
    1/12/15: Notified of my interview time/date
    2/2/15: Interviewed at the Washington, DC embassy
    3/30/15: Shortlisted email!
    4/20/15: First set of documents due
    5/14/15: Placement notification received

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