• Sunday, April 10, 2016

    Life Update - Again

    Hi everyone.

     I honestly wish I were more consistent with blogging so the posts I make don't all have to be "life update" posts... But here we are again.

    I haven't covered it in my vlogs yet (which I have also been very inconsistent about), but I got transferred from Interac Kansai to Interac South Kanto. Which means I'm now living in Yokohama. It's been great so far (and the branch is SO much better) but my entire idea for this blog kind of disappeared once I moved. I had wanted to make a blog about Kansai, because there's so much information online about Kanto already. But Kansai is lacking, and for a place as vibrant as it is, it deserves a lot more online presence!

     I do plan to write a little bit about Kansai from the few pictures I have on my phone and my (fleeting) memories, but as of this moment, I plan to turn this into a lifestyle blog. So it won't only be about my job with Interac, or about the best places in Kansai/Kanto/wherever... It'll be about my life, what's for dinner, whatever I want. And I hope you enjoy!

     Coming up first will be the Interac fiasco, so stay tuned for that juicy topic.


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